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Uber now lets you rate your driver mid-trip

Uber now lets you rate your driver mid-trip

The company has announced that Uber riders will now be able to rate their driver while in the car, instead of having to wait to rate them until after the trip has been completed. The move is presumably being made to try to encourage more riders to leave ratings and feedback. In a blog post announcing the move, Uber said:

“When you have feedback to share, you shouldn’t have to wait to share it with us. You’ve got places to go and things to do, and we never want to miss an opportunity to listen and improve. That’s why we’re introducing the ability to rate, compliment, tip, and share feedback during your ride–and doing more with the feedback you share with us.

When you’re having a great ride, let us know by adding a compliment, thank you note, or tip. Your positive feedback will be used to recognize top quality drivers and encourage continued outstanding service through a new program launching in June.

And if you notice something that needs improvement, we’ll go beyond just sharing this with drivers. We’ll use your feedback to improve our technology by analyzing rides with issues around things like  “navigation” and “pickups” to identify unsolved technical problems.”

The good news is it doesn’t appear that the driver will be notified of your on-trip rating until after the trip is completed. It also appears the ability to rate on-trip won’t be extended to drivers rating passengers. Awkward situations avoided!

Source: Fast Company

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