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The Dodo’s humans were upstaged by Dixie the adoptable dog

The Dodo’s humans were upstaged by Dixie the adoptable dog

People gathered at The Dodo’s downtown New York office today to learn about how to take a niche subject (in The Dodo’s case, photogenic animals) make it mainstream (to the tune of millions of views a month) all the while staying true to your brand’s identity and slowly becoming a traffic behemoth, with billions of video views on Facebook.

While the site’s co-founder Izzie Lerer, Executive Editor Joanna Zelman, and President Yujung Kim had a lot of insight about digital publishing to offer the attendees of the Fast Company Innovation Festival, the real star of the show was an eight-year old Chihuahua mix named, Dixie. The Dodo regularly features dogs that are up for adoption on Facebook Live and today it was Dixie’s turn. She played with toys, including a massive teddy bear, and completely upstaged the speakers, but we’re guessing they were okay with that?

The only one she couldn’t move with her antics: Telly, the one-eyed beagle pup who was lolling around the office.

Browse a slideshow of pictures from the event here:

Watch a video from January about The Dodo here:


Source: Fast Company

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