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SNL’s must-see Weezer sketch is probably making fun of you

SNL’s must-see Weezer sketch is probably making fun of you

What: The only sketch you will ever need to see about Weezer.

Who: Leslie Jones and Saturday Night Live guest host Matt Damon

Why we care: Author and known KISS superfan Chuck Klosterman was once asked what album he would take with him to a deserted island. His answer: the KISS premium gold edition box set. Not because the collection contained some of his favorite jams but because he thought he might be able to use those gold CDs to barter with an indigenous tribe. Klosterman’s answer reveals how the question itself is paradoxical; music’s only inherent value while you’re stuck on a deserted island is in whether it can help you survive–and it probably can’t. As passionately as pop culture obsessives tend to nerd out about Marvel movies, Game of Thrones, or Carly Rae Jepsen, all of those things are ultimately frivolous.

It just doesn’t feel that way when someone challenges your beliefs about those things.

SNL’s fantastic Weezer sketch holds an unflattering mirror up to the face of extreme fandom so that all of us who hold serious opinions about trivial matters can see how we look while airing them. With surgical precision, the sketch uses hyper-specific details about Weezer’s career to paint dinner table arguers Matt Damon and Leslie Jones as two distinct flavors of fans. You might only understand some of the references if you haven’t closely tracked the evolution of Weezer’s career, but if you feel strongly about any pop culture thing at all, this sketch is about you, too.

Have a look at the full sketch below.

Source: Fast Company

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