Netflix launches a streaming plan in India that's less than $3 a month | Rickey J. White, Jr. | RJW™
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Netflix launches a streaming plan in India that’s less than $3 a month

Netflix launches a streaming plan in India that’s less than $3 a month

The move comes a few days after the company revealed it added just 2.7 million new subscribers last quarter, instead of the projected 5.1 million figure. In order to help turn around its struggling subscriber growth numbers, Netflix says it will launch the new Rs 199-per-month (about $2.80) plan later today, reports TechCrunch.

While the price point of the new plan is incredibly cheap, it’s important to note it’s also pretty limited. It will only allow streaming on one mobile device and only in standard definition (480p). The ability to mirror the video from a mobile device to a television via hardware like the Google Chromecast is also not supported.

Netflix says that previous subscription tiers that start at Rs 499 (about $7.23) and go up to Rs 799 (about $11.58) will continue to be available in the country. While the streaming giant is currently estimated to only have 2 million subscribers in India, it remains the top streaming service in the country based on revenue.

Considering its relatively low subscription numbers in the country, it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of room for Netflix to increase its overall new subscriber base just in India alone. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has said that he hopes to see up to 100 million subscribers in India in the coming years.

Source: Fast Company

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