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IHOP is changing its name…again.

IHOP is changing its name…again.

Last year the International House of Pancakes captured a bored internet’s attention by running a publicity stunt where it said it was changing its “IHOP” name to “IHOB.” For days the company kept people with nothing better to do wondering what the “B” could stand for.

Said “B” ended up standing for “burgers,” with the name change being just a stunt to promote its new line of food you could buy anywhere. And in a move the surprised no one, the “IHOB” branding was quickly reverted to “IHOP” just a few weeks later. Despite that, the pancake house is at it again. Yesterday it took to Twitter announcing it was changing its name–again.

But this time, the IHOP acronym will stay the same, with the “P” for “pancakes” being switched out with another “P” word. What that new P word can be as anyone’s guess…but that hasn’t stopped Twitter from trying. Current guesses from Twiteratti include:

  • Porn
  • Premaritalsex
  • Penis
  • Prostitutes
  • Perverts
  • “P tape is real”

Stay classy, internet. Then again, one user did suggest “pointless”—and if last time is any indication, he’s not wrong.

Source: Fast Company

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