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How to use Spotify’s ‘My Forever Favorites’ and make the soundtrack of your life

How to use Spotify’s ‘My Forever Favorites’ and make the soundtrack of your life

Spotify wants you to share your own personal soundtrack.

The Swedish streaming company just launched a new in-app feature called “My Forever Favorites,” which lets you pick a list of songs that define your life’s most memorable moments and then broadcast them to the world.

The feature, which went live on Monday morning, is available for premium Spotify subscribers as well as users of the free service. “Through the app, listeners can create a playlist with their five most meaningful songs and/or podcast episodes and easily post it on their social channels for everyone to see—and bask in the memories,” Spotify said in a blog post.

Here’s how it works:

  • Open the Spotify app. On the Home page, tap “My Forever Favorites
  • Search for your five favorite songs and/or podcasts and add them
  • Hit “share” and follow the steps to post your list to social media

It’s a pretty bare-bones feature for now. There’s not really much else to do with it besides make the list, share it, and then listen to the songs you’ve probably heard a million times. Also, some users on Reddit and Twitter have reported problems with getting the feature to work, so it might help to close the Spotify app and restart it if you experience issues.

Now go relive those precious moments. Or don’t. It’s your movie, man.

Source: Fast Company

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