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Buying clothes for your kids’ summer camp? This concierge service is here to help

Buying clothes for your kids’ summer camp? This concierge service is here to help

Shopping for kids’ clothes can be fun, but not when a teacher hands you a checklist of 50 items you need to buy all at once. Around this time of year, many parents are getting lists of clothes that their kids will need for camp–things like soccer shorts, rash guards, and swimsuits. Suddenly, you’re scrambling to take care of yet another task.

[Photo: courtesy of Camp Concierge]

Primary, a kids’ clothing brand that specializes in basics, will open a Camp Concierge tomorrow to help anxious parents take care of their shopping needs. Parents can send an email to the Camp Concierge email address with details about their children’s camp needs (including just sending over the entire checklist), and a customer service expert will put all the necessary clothes in their online shopping cart. The family can then edit the list before checking out. And hey, presto! Camp clothing is handled.

This Camp Concierge is part of a broader trend in the children’s apparel industry, as brands realize that parents are short on time when it comes to clothes shopping. There’s been a rise in subscription boxes like Rockets of Awesome, KidBox, Mac & Mia, and Stitchfix Kids that deliver boxes of children’s clothes every few months to keep up with their growth spurts. Primary also plays into this trend: The company sells the same basics, in the same colors, for every age group, so parents can just order the next size up when their children outgrow their current clothes.

Source: Fast Company

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