Bermuda just repealed same-sex marriage | Rickey J. White, Jr. | RJW™
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Bermuda just repealed same-sex marriage

Bermuda just repealed same-sex marriage

Time to change those vacation plans: Bermuda just reversed course on marriage-equality rights. After legalizing same-sex marriage just last year, the island nation has now repealed it and replaced it with domestic partnerships, which are available for all couples.

Bermuda is a British territory, and the British government has to give permission for such moves. According toThe Guardian, the repeal went into effect on Wednesday after it was signed by Bermuda’s governor. British lawmakers are demanding answers while the foreign office, led by Boris Johnson, is claiming that it felt it had no choice but to sign off on it, because the new civil partnership law met European human rights standards. The change puts Brits in an awkward position when it comes to arguing for equal rights around the world.

The move is a startling one that may remind activists that the fight for equal rights never stops.

Source: Fast Company

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