4 ways to help moms on Mother's Day 2021 | Rickey J. White, Jr. | RJW™
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4 ways to help moms on Mother’s Day 2021

4 ways to help moms on Mother’s Day 2021

Mother’s Day isn’t just about your mom. It’s about all moms. And it’s been a comically awful year for moms, who were non-consensually tasked with that whole save America during the pandemic free-of-charge thing. Here are some organizations worth cutting checks to this Mother’s Day:

  • Marshall Plan for Moms: movement to reshape U.S. policies to value mothers’ labor and, you know, support them enough that their lives are not a low-sleep slog. Tagline: Other countries have social safety nets; America has moms. This is a problem! You can donate through their Moms Deserve More Flower Store.
  • St. Jude’s: If you want to see some stressed-out moms, head to your nearest pediatric hospital. St. Jude’s is a network of hospitals treating pediatric patients with serious illnesses like cancer free of charge. This is, frankly, incredible. Donate here.
  • Every Mother Counts. Christy Turlington’s well-regarded nonprofit works to end the over-300,000 annual deaths worldwide from pregnancy and childbirth. Nearly all those deaths happen in developing countries. Donate here.
  • Women’s Refugee Commission. Parenting is hard enough with stable community and housing; it turns nightmarish amidst relocation and unrest. Toss some funding toward refugee women and children. WRC advocates and provides for sexual and reproductive health services, domestic violence services and prevention, and refugee rights. Donate here.

Source: Fast Company

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